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title: On Youth & rec.aquaria.misc
summary: Fish-growing for fun & profit.
date: 2013-01-10 09:16:43
I've been returning to aquariums with a force, lately, rigging-up a new set-up with a couple of neon tetras and a dozen-odd cherry chrimp that I picked up from Ebay.{{ macros.render_footnote("shrimps-1", "1")}} I got started with aquariums years ago, in elementary school--I don't recall why, exactly--but perhaps it had something to do with growing up by [Allan's Aquarium][allan], one of the finest fish stores around.
At any rate, with aquariums on the mind, I dredged up my very first forays into the _Internet_. These are gems from the `rec.aquaria` usenet, now archived on Google Groups. I remember posting these, sitting on my dad's lap on the dial-up that we had from UCLA.
1. [A First Query][0]
2. [Help!][1]
3. [My Angelfish Laid Eggs][2]
4. [Yep, they laid eggs][3]
5. [Now the eggs have fungus][5]
4. [Those babies are swimming around][4]
5. [I can't keep my plants alive.][6]
5. [I got some frogs][7]
{{ macros.render_footnote("shrimps-1", "1", "Shipped for 12 bucks from Florida, USPS priority. Arrived alive and kicking. A bit of a miracle in the heart of winter.")}}

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