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Sam Jacoby
Sam Jacoby committed Oct 30, 2013
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title: Computer Scientists' Websites Look Terrible
summary: And they don't give a damn.
date: 2013-10-17 23:25:44
+thumbnail: old-internet.png
I've always taken pleasure in the fact that the websites of most computer scientists are abysmal. This is because they write them themselves and they don't give a damn what you think.
-A growing selection:
+A growing selection in casually-alphatetical order:
[David Brooks]( )
@@ -17,10 +18,12 @@
[Donald Knuth]( )
-[Guido van Russum]( )
+[Normal Ramsey](
[Dennis Ritchie]( *in memorium*
+[Guido van Russum]( )
[Richard Stallman]( )
[Ken Thompson](
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