Easily run the Lightning Network Daemon in a Docker container
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Pull the container image from docker hub:

$ docker pull jnowakowski/neutrino-preloaded

Run container in background:

$ docker run -tdi --name lnd jnowakowski/neutrino-preloaded

Use LND CLI to check if synced with blockchain:

$ docker exec -it lnd lncli getinfo
    "identity_pubkey": "03498859d328b0b63a720e9a4263a9f388b2e85a421afe69960d985473cd604bb4",
    "alias": "03498859d328b0b63a72",
    "num_pending_channels": 0,
    "num_active_channels": 0,
    "num_peers": 0,
    "block_height": 1282220,
    "block_hash": "0000000000000b4852211aaffd94ff94723f566dc4aabe893fe6dd5e98ba219c",
    "synced_to_chain": false,
    "testnet": true,
    "chains": [
    "uris": [

Check container logs:

$ docker logs -f lnd

Get a new address, when synchronised (lncli getinfo show "synced_to_chain": false):

$ docker exec -it lnd lncli newaddress np2wkh
    "address": "2MycQn1S8pj7k8m9RzmJVksQyxAWp1Uzb7y"

Visit the faucet to get free tentnet BTC:


Copy the faucet node address and open a connection:

docker exec -ti lnd lncli 02fa77e0f4ca666f7d158c4bb6675d1436e339903a9feeeaacbd6e55021b98e7ee@

Go back to faucet website and open a channel by providing:

  • Target node: your identity_pubkey from lncli getinfo command.
  • Channel ammount: 100000
  • Initial balance: 50000 After 3 confirmations this transaction will be mined. Check it on https://testnet.smartbit.com.au/tx/{your tx id from faucet} Meanwhile observer on command line:
$ docker exec -ti lnd lncli pendingchannels

After confirmations channel shoud be visible:

$ docker exec -ti lnd lncli openchannels