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FAQ when using protobuf and executing dotnet build in Windows system

Thie file:

Operating Environment

 os:windows10 Family-Chinese version x64
 npm: 6.4.1
 dotnet-sdk: 2.2.300

Hardware Environment

    CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U
    RAM: 8GB

Problem Description

google/protobuf/timestamp.proto: File not found.

After download protobuf and decompress it, there are two folders in the protoc folder: bin and include

IF we only place bin\protoc.exe to C:\WINDOWS\, it will not find the corresponding dependency of include, and it will report error "file not found error" . Copy and paste "include" folder will fix this error.


  1. Windows will search for C:\WINDOWS\protoc first, and then look for protoc path configured in the environment variable.

  2. Execute ps1 in window10 requires additional operations.

AELF provides three simple solutions for everyone to use. The specific scripts and scenarios are as follows.

1. Install.ps1 Script

Run chain/scripts/install.ps1

    [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12

    if(Test-Path C:\protoc\bin\protoc.exe) {
        cp C:\protoc\include C:\WINDOWS\;
        cp C:\protoc\bin\protoc.exe  C:\WINDOWS\;
        protoc --version;
        exit 100;
    else {
        wget -OutFile C:\;
        Expand-Archive -Path C:\ -DestinationPath C:\protoc;
        cp C:\protoc\include C:\WINDOWS\;  
        cp C:\protoc\bin\protoc.exe  C:\WINDOWS\;
        protoc --version;
        exit 0;

2. USe install_protoc.ps1 Script

You can find install_protoc.ps1 script file in XXXXXXXXwill edit this laterXXXXXXXXXXXX Group Folder,Download it to any directory (full English path) and execute it. (Execution method is the same as install.ps1)

Please make sure your C:\WINDOWS directory does not include any protoc.exe or include file,because windows will execute protoc in the C:\WINDOWS directory by default, it may cause your compilation to fail.

Note: The chain/scripts/install_choco.ps1 script in the codebase is same as the script install_protoc.ps1 script in the group folder; choco is the package management tool for windows.

3. Install protoc & unzip Manually

1. Download protoc Manually

Download Link:

  1. Download protoc-3.7.0-win64/32 according to the system to determine which version to download

  2. Decompress it to any directory (path needs to be all English)

  3. Set environment variables (decompress directory /bin)

2. Download unzip Manually

Download Link:

  1. Install it to any directory (path needs to be all English)

  2. Set environment variables Installation directory /bin

3. Compile project

  1. Execution
    cd chain/src/AElf.Boilerplate.Launcher/
    dotnet build

If there is no error after compile is completed, it means the compilation is successful (yellow warning does not affect the program)

If it said xxx is not an internal command or an external command , check if your environment variable is correct.

If it said xxx is inaccessible by the process, please close all dotnet programs in Task Manager and re-execute the above command.

    dotnet run bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.2/AElf.Boilerplate.Launcher

Executing this command, if there is no error reported which means your execution is successful

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