Experimental repository for the next version of the FlickrNet API library
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Experimental repository for the next version of the FlickrNet API library.

Currently I am attempting to convert the library into a T4 based project, so that seperate DLLs can be created easily targetting different platforms.

For the current stable version go to http://flickrnet.codeplex.com or better still just download it from http://www.nuget.org/packages/FlickrNet.

Change Log

July 2015: PCL version released via NuGet. Get Flickr-4.0.2-alpha to use.

Feb 2014: Loads of tests being added. I've got the .Net 4.5 branch stable now. I have a few more tests I want to migrate over, and then I'd like to try creating a portable library version of the library, which should reduce the number of seperate configurations I actually need.

September 2013: First initial checkins. Currently contains code for most public method calls for both .Net 4.5 and Windows 8 as seperate DLLs. Windows 8 authentication, Upload support, and example Windows 8 app added.

Build status