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Sam King's Config Files and Scripts

This contains the following config files:

  • Shells: zshrc, zshenv, login
  • Editors: vimrc, vim directory, eclimrc
  • Version Control: hgrc, gitconfig, gitignore

To use these config files, do the following:

  1. Fork this repo so that you can make your own changes.
  2. Clone your repo. I'll assume it's in ~/config-files.
  3. Run grep -n CUSTOMIZE ~/config-files to find all of the lines you need to change (eg, your username isn't samking, so it would probably be bad for your gitconfig to indicate that your username was samking).
  4. Run ~/config-files/setup-startup-scripts.bash to add includes from your actual dot files (eg, ~/.vimrc) to the ~/config-files folder.

It also contains scripts that do the following:

  • Backup mysql to Dropbox (useful as an easy backup scheme for servers)
  • Enable two finger scrolling (useful when your hardware touchpad supports two finger scrolling but Ubuntu won't let you turn it on)
  • Change the default editor in Ubuntu
  • Remove the 10,000 folder limit in Dropbox
  • Fix the permissions in a Drupal directory
  • Fix missing locales (if your terminal hasn't yelled at you about this, you don't need to worry about it)
  • Make it easier to see what the currently selected tab is in the Ubuntu terminal
  • Turn the screen off when locking the screen

Any per-computer settings should go in your actual dotfiles (eg, if I want to define an alias that only lives on my work computer, it should go in ~/.zshrc). Any settings that you want reflected on all of your computers should go in ~/config-files. That way, you can sync your computers using git push and git pull.

Note that most of the files in this repo aren't dot files (files whose names start with a dot). That's because dot files are hidden by default, and it's more convenient to see these files by default. However, your real config files (eg, ~/.vimrc still need to be dot files.


Sam King's Linux Config Files






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