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Step by step installation guide by mbsuperstar1 - A work in progress.

  1. Download the latest version of the LevelCraftSuite, and make sure you have a compatible version of CraftBukkit (Recommended Build is always best).

  2. Put the LevelCraftCore.jar in your plugin directory and any neccessary LC[LEVELNAME].jar, found at the location of your CraftBukkit server.

  3. Start-up your server, which will auto-generate the levelcraft folder and config files, allowing you to customize the plugin for your own wishes. Such as setting up a database etc.

  4. Restart your server and the plugin should have started and you can use the Commands to start experiencing the magic of Levelcraft!

  5. If I have missed out a vital step, please say somewhere as I have made some big mistakes in the past. Thanks!

Got levelcraft installed but unsure on how to use the commands? Samkio has a video on the main thread, go take a look. (Link on main wiki-page)

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