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Bitbucket backup

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This python script will backup all of your Bitbucket repos (both mercurial and git) locally. If the repository does not exist locally the repo will be cloned to the <local_backup_location>. If the repo does exist locally an hg pull will be run for mercurial repos, and git remote update will be run for git repos.


pip install -U


bitbucket-backup [-u <bitbucket_username>] [-p <bitbucket_password>] [-k <oauth_key>] [-s <oauth_secret>]
  [-l <local_backup_location>] [-t <bitbucket_team>] [-a] [-v] [-q] [-c] [--http] [--skip-password] [--mirror]
  [--prune] [--fetchlfs]

Username/password are needed to access the Bitbucket API to get a repo listing. At this time it is not used to do the clone/update. Clone/update requires that your SSH keys have been uploaded to Bitbucket.

You can backup a team's repositories instead of your own by supplying the optional -t parameter and entering the team slug (this is now called a "Workspace" by BitBucket).

App passwords

If would like, you can use app passwords instead of your password used to login to Bitbucket. The password must have read repositories permission.

OAuth authentication

You can use OAuth authentication if you do not want to use username/password. There are 4 steps to using OAuth.

  1. Create OAuth consumer keys here:{username}/api
  2. Make sure that your consumer has the following permissions:
    • Account: Read
    • Projects: Read
    • Repositories: Read
  3. Specify the -k <oauth_key> -s <oauth_secret> flags
  4. Make sure requests-oauthlib is installed pip install requests-oauthlib


You do need to have your SSH keys uploaded for the computer that you are running the backup on.

Additional notes

I am hosting this on GitHub because I believe it is superior for public repos (I understand the irony).


A python script that will backup all your bitbucket repos locally (both git and mercurial)







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