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Localization for TotalFinder
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TotalFinder Internationalization (

TotalFinder is a plugin for Apples's which brings tabs, dual panels and more! This project gathers localizable resources.

Do you want to translate TotalFinder into your language?

TotalFinder is not an open-source, but you should be able to easily tweak resource files and add your preferred language.

The idea is to install TotalFinder and then sym-link its Resources folder to the copy of this repository where you can edit it. When you are satisfied with your work, you should push your changes back to GitHub.

The Workflow

Initial step

  1. fork this project on GitHub
  2. clone your fork (let's assume you have it in ~/totalfinder-i18n)
  3. make sure you have installed latest TotalFinder version
  4. cd ~/totalfinder-i18n and run ./


  1. edit files
  2. use ./ to restart TotalFinder to reflect your changes
  3. commit if needed
  4. goto 1

Final step

  1. push to github and send a pull request to darwin
  2. (optional) run ./ to return to unaltered TotalFinder state (this won't delete your files, it will just unlink sym-linked folder)

Thank you!

Each contributor in will get a free TotalFinder license.

To be clear. Please note that:

  1. I may not accept changes in your fork
  2. You are contributing your work under MIT license

License: MIT-Style

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