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Q: MICO is using the wrong timezone. How do I change it? A: MICO uses the timezone of PHP on your server. If you want to change the timezone for just MICO, and leave other sites alone, you can add this line to the file 'inc/config.php'


A full list of available timezones is here: http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php This is planned to be added as a system setting in a future version of MICO

Q: Notifications aren't being sent out. A: Ensure that either the cron is set up, or that 'simple cron' is enabled in system settings. NB: The simple cron will only work while a user is logged in to the system.

Q: Notifications aren't being sent out, and I have the cron or the simple cron set up. A: It is possible that the notifier has gotten stuck in a 'locked' state. Log into your database, and find the table 'mico_settings'. In this table, find the key 'NOTIFY_LOCK'. The two possible values are as follows: b:0; b:1; If the system is locked, the value will be 'b:1;'. Simply change it to 'b:0;', and that will unlock the notification system. A utility to unlock the notifier is a planned upgrade in a future version of MICO