Upgrade Instructions

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When upgrading from a previous version of MICO, follow these steps:

1. Back up your database and files If you don't do this, and a problem occurs with the upgrade, there's no way back.

2. Make a copy of 'inc/config.php' This is your configuration file, and you will need this to keep all of your settings.

3. Back up any whitelabel/style assets If you made any changes to the look and feel of MICO, make sure to take a copy of them before upgrading.

4. Upload the latest version of MICO into a new folder This could be beside the old installation directory, or elsewhere on your server.

5. Put the config file into the new folder This will make the new installation see your old data.

6. Switch the folders Replace the old MICO folder with the new one, so that your installation is now pointing to the new installation.

7. Navigate to the 'upgrade' folder and run the upgrade This will perform any necessary upgrades to your database.

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