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2012.03.15 Version 0.6.13 (stable)
* Windows: Many libuv test fixes (Bert Belder)

* Windows: avoid uv_guess_handle crash in when fd < 0 (Bert Belder)

* Map EBUSY and ENOTEMPTY errors (Bert Belder)

* Windows: include syscall in fs errors (Bert Belder)

* Fix ENOSYS on Linux kernel version mismatch (Ben Noordhuis)

* Update npm to 1.1.9
  - upgrade node-gyp to 0.3.5 (Nathan Rajlich)
  - Fix npm/npm#2249 Add cache-max and cache-min configs
  - Properly redirect across https/http registry requests
  - log config usage if undefined key in set function (Kris Windham)
  - Add support for os/cpu fields in package.json (Adam Blackburn)
  - Automatically node-gyp packages containing a binding.gyp
  - Fix failures unpacking in UNC shares
  - Never create un-listable directories
  - Handle cases where an optionalDependency fails to build


2012.03.13, Version 0.7.6 (unstable)
* Upgrade v8 to 3.9.17

* Upgrade npm to 1.1.8
  - Add support for os/cpu fields in package.json (Adam Blackburn)
  - Automatically node-gyp packages containing a binding.gyp
  - Fix failures unpacking in UNC shares
  - Never create un-listable directories
  - Handle cases where an optionalDependency fails to build

* events: newListener emit correct fn when using 'once' (Roly Fentanes)

* url: Ignore empty port component (Łukasz Walukiewicz)

* module: replace 'children' array (isaacs)

* tls: parse multiple values of a key in ssl certificate (Sambasiva Suda)

* cluster: support passing of named pipes (Ben Noordhuis)

* Windows: include syscall in fs errors (Bert Belder)

* http: #2888 Emit end event only once (Igor Zinkovsky)

* readline: add multiline support (Rlidwka)

* process: add `process.hrtime()` (Nathan Rajlich)

* net, http, https: add localAddress option (Dmitry Nizovtsev)

* addon improvements (Nathan Rajlich)

* build improvements (Ben Noordhuis, Sadique Ali, T.C. Hollingsworth, Nathan Rajlich)

* add support for "SEARCH" request methods (Nathan Rajlich)

* expose the zlib and http_parser version in process.versions (Nathan Rajlich)


2012.03.02 Version 0.6.12 (stable)
* Upgrade V8 to

* dtrace ustack helper improvements (Dave Pacheco)

* API Documentation refactor (isaacs)

* #2827 net: fix race write() before and after connect() (koichik)

* #2554 #2567 throw if fs args for 'start' or 'end' are strings (AJ ONeal)

* punycode: Update to v1.0.0 (Mathias Bynens)

* Make a fat binary for the OS X pkg (isaacs)

* Fix hang on accessing process.stdin (isaacs)

* repl: make tab completion work on non-objects (Nathan Rajlich)

* Fix on OS X (Ben Noordhuis)

* Fix #2515 nested setTimeouts cause premature process exit (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: fix time conversion in stat (Igor Zinkovsky)

* windows: fs: handle EOF in read (Brandon Philips)

* windows: avoid IOCP short-circuit on non-ifs lsps (Igor Zinkovsky)

* Upgrade npm to 1.1.4 (isaacs)
  - windows fixes
  - Bundle nested bundleDependencies properly
  - install: support --save with url install targets
  - shrinkwrap: behave properly with url-installed modules
  - support installing uncompressed tars or single file modules from urls etc.
  - don't run make clean on rebuild
  - support HTTPS-over-HTTP proxy tunneling


2012.02.23, Version 0.7.5 (unstable)
* startup speed improvements (Maciej Małecki)

* crypto: add function getDiffieHellman() (Tomasz Buchert)

* buffer: support decoding of URL-safe base64 (Ben Noordhuis)

* Make QueryString.parse() even faster (Brian White)

* url: decode url entities in auth section (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: support PURGE request method (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: Generate Date headers on responses (Mark Nottingham)

* Fix #2762: Add callback to close function. (Mikeal Rogers)

* dgram: fix out-of-bound memory read (Ben Noordhuis)

* repl: add automatic loading of built-in libs (Brandon Benvie)

* repl: remove double calls where possible (Fedor Indutny)

* Readline improvements. Related: #2737 #2756 (Colton Baker)

* build: disable -fomit-frame-pointer on solaris (Dave Pacheco)

* build: arch detection improvements (Nathan Rajlich)

* build: Make a fat binary for the OS X `make pkg`. (Nathan Rajlich)

* jslint src/ and lib/ on 'make test' (isaacs)


2012.02.17 Version 0.6.11 (stable)
* http: allow multiple WebSocket RFC6455 headers (Einar Otto Stangvik)

* http: allow multiple WWW-Authenticate headers (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: support unicode argv and environment variables (Bert Belder)

* tls: mitigate session renegotiation attacks (Ben Noordhuis)

* tcp, pipe: don't assert on uv_accept() errors (Ben Noordhuis)

* tls: Allow establishing secure connection on the existing socket (koichik)

* dgram: handle close of dgram socket before DNS lookup completes (Seth Fitzsimmons)

* windows: Support half-duplex pipes (Igor Zinkovsky)

* build: disable omit-frame-pointer on solaris systems (Dave Pacheco)

* debugger: fix --debug-brk (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: fix large file downloads failing (koichik)

* fs: fix ReadStream failure to read from existing fd (Christopher Jeffrey)

* net: destroy socket on DNS error (Stefan Rusu)

* dtrace: add missing translator (Dave Pacheco)

* unix: don't flush tty on switch to raw mode (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: reset brightness when reverting to default text color (Bert Belder)

* npm: update to 1.1.1
  - Update which, fstream, mkdirp, request, and rimraf
  - Fix #2123 Set path properly for lifecycle scripts on windows
  - Mark the root as seen, so we don't recurse into it. Fixes #1838. (Martin Cooper)


2012.02.14, Version 0.7.4 (unstable)
* Upgrade V8 to 3.9.5

* Upgrade npm to 1.1.1

* build: Detect host_arch better (Karl Skomski)

* debugger: export `debug_port` to `process` (Fedor Indutny)

* api docs: CSS bug fixes (isaacs)

* build: use -fPIC for native addons on UNIX (Nathan Rajlich)

* Re-add top-level v8::Locker (Marcel Laverdet)

* Move images out of the dist tarballs (isaacs)

* libuv: Remove uv_export and uv_import (Ben Noordhuis)

* build: Support x64 build on Windows (Igor Zinkovsky)


2012.02.07, Version 0.7.3 (unstable)
* Upgrade V8 to 3.9.2

* Revert support for isolates. (Ben Noordhuis)

* cluster: Cleanup docs, event handling, and process.disconnect (Andreas Madsen)

* gyp_addon: link with node.lib on Windows (Nathan Rajlich)

* http: fix case where http-parser is freed twice (koichik)

* Windows: disable RTTI and exceptions (Bert Belder)


2012.02.02, Version 0.6.10 (stable)
* Update V8 to

* Add npm msysgit bash shim to msi installer (isaacs)

* buffers: fix intermittent out of bounds error (Ben Noordhuis)

* buffers: honor length argument in base64 decoder (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: Fix path.exists regression (Bert Belder)

* Make QueryString.parse run faster (Philip Tellis)

* http: avoid freeing http-parser objects too early (koichik)

* timers: add v0.4 compatibility hack (Ben Noordhuis)

* Proper EPERM error code support (Igor Zinkovsky, Brandon Philips)

* dgram: Implement udp multicast methods on windows (Bert Belder)


2012.02.01, Version 0.7.2 (unstable)
* Update V8 to 3.8.9

* Support for sharing streams across Isolates (Igor Zinkovsky)

* #2636 - Fix case where http_parsers are freed too early (koichik)

* url: Support for IPv6 addresses in URLs (Łukasz Walukiewicz)

* child_process: Add disconnect() method to child processes (Andreas Madsen)

* fs: add O_EXCL support, exclusive open file (Ben Noordhuis)

* fs: more specific error messages (Tj Holowaychuk)

* tty: emit 'unknown' key event if key sequence not found (Dan VerWeire, Nathan Rajlich)

* build: compile release build too if BUILDTYPE=Debug (Ben Noordhuis)

* module: fix --debug-brk on symlinked scripts (Fedor Indutny)

* zlib: fix `Failed to set dictionary` issue (Fedor Indutny)

* waf: predict target arch for OS X (Fedor Indutny)


2012.01.27, Version 0.6.9 (stable)
* dgram: Bring back missing functionality for Unix (Dan VerWeire, Roman Shtylman, Ben Noordnuis)
  - Note: Windows UDP support not yet complete.

* http: Fix parser memory leak (koichik)

* zlib: Fix #2365 crashes on invalid input (Nicolas LaCasse)

* module: fix --debug-brk on symlinked scripts (Fedor Indutny)

* Documentation Restyling (Matthew Fitzsimmons)

* Update npm to 1.1.0-3 (isaacs)

* Windows: fix regression in stat() calls to C:\ (Bert Belder)
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