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import django
from media_tree.models import FileNode
from media_tree.admin.utils import get_current_request, is_search_request, \
from mptt.admin import MPTTChangeList
except ImportError:
# Legacy mptt support
from media_tree.contrib.legacy_mptt_support.admin import MPTTChangeList
from django.db import models
class MediaTreeChangeList(MPTTChangeList):
def is_filtered(self, request):
return is_search_request(request) or self.params
def __init__(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
super(MediaTreeChangeList, self).__init__(request, *args, **kwargs)
# self.parent_folder is set in get_query_set()
self.title = if self.parent_folder else FileNode.get_top_node().name
# TODO: Move filtering by open folders here
def get_query_set(self, request=None):
# request arg was added in django r16144 (after 1.3)
if request is not None and django.VERSION >= (1, 4):
qs = super(MPTTChangeList, self).get_query_set(request)
qs = super(MPTTChangeList, self).get_query_set()
request = get_current_request()
# Pagination should be disabled by default, since it interferes
# with expanded folders and might display them partially.
# However, filtered results are presented as a flat list and
# should be paginated.
pagination_enabled = self.is_filtered(request)
if not pagination_enabled:
self.show_all = True
# filter by currently expanded folders if list is not filtered by extension or media_type
self.parent_folder = self.model_admin.get_parent_folder(request)
if self.parent_folder and not pagination_enabled:
if self.parent_folder.is_top_node():
expanded_folders_pk = self.model_admin.get_expanded_folders_pk(request)
if expanded_folders_pk:
qs = qs.filter(models.Q(parent=None) | models.Q(parent__pk__in=expanded_folders_pk))
qs = qs.filter(parent=None)
qs = qs.filter(parent=self.parent_folder)
if request is not None and self.is_filtered(request):
return qs.order_by('name')
# always order by (tree_id, left)
tree_id = qs.model._mptt_meta.tree_id_attr
left = qs.model._mptt_meta.left_attr
return qs.order_by(tree_id, left)
def get_results(self, request):
Temporarily decreases the `level` attribute of all search results in
order to prevent indendation when displaying them.
super(MediaTreeChangeList, self).get_results(request)
reduce_levels = abs(int(get_request_attr(request, 'reduce_levels', 0)))
except TypeError:
reduce_levels = 0
is_filtered = self.is_filtered(request)
if is_filtered or reduce_levels:
for item in self.result_list:
item.actual_level = item.level
if is_filtered:
item.reduce_levels = item.level
item.level = 0
item.reduce_levels = reduce_levels
item.level = max(0, item.level - reduce_levels)
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