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Django Media Tree Latest version on PyPI

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Django Media Tree is a Django app for managing your website's media files in a folder tree, and using them in your own applications.

Key Features

  • Enables you to organize all of your site media in nested folders.
  • Supports various media types (images, audio, video, archives etc).
  • Extension system, enabling you to easily add special processing for different media types and extend the admin interface.
  • Speedy AJAX-enhanced admin interface with drag & drop and dynamic resizing.
  • Upload queue with progress indicators (using Fine Uploader).
  • Add metadata to all media to improve accessibility of your web sites.
  • Integration with Django CMS. Plugins include: image, slideshow, gallery, download list -- create your own!



Contributors should make sure the demo project builds successfully with their changes before placing a pull request on GitHub. This is best done by running the tests.

  • Either: python -q test (run tox against all supported versions)
  • Or: python test -a --skip-missing-interpreters (skip Python interpreters that are not available)
  • Or: python test -a "-e py27-django16" (only test the Python 2.7 + Django 1.6 combination)

It's also advisable to run flake8 and address complaints before pushing changes to ensure code health increases.