Kucoin REST API python implementation
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Welcome to python-kucoin v0.1.11

This is an unofficial Python wrapper for the Kucoin exchanges REST API v1. I am in no way affiliated with Kucoin, use at your own risk.

Source code
Blog with examples


  • Implementation of most REST endpoints, more coming soon.
  • Simple handling of authentication
  • Response exception handling
  • Simple buy and sell order functions
  • Helper function get_total_balance to get balance in fiat
  • Historical Kline/Candle fetching function get_historical_klines_tv

Quick Start

Register an account with Kucoin.

Generate an API Key and enable it.

pip install python-kucoin
from kucoin.client import Client
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)

# get currencies
currencies = client.get_currencies()

# get market depth
depth = client.get_order_book('KCS-BTC', limit=50)

# get symbol klines
from_time = 1507479171
to_time = 1510278278
klines = client.get_kline_data_tv(

# place a buy order
transaction = client.create_buy_order('KCS-BTC', '0.01', '1000')

# get list of active orders
orders = client.get_active_orders('KCS-BTC')

# get historical kline data from any date range

# fetch 1 minute klines for the last day up until now
klines = client.get_historical_klines_tv("KCS-BTC", Client.KLINE_INTERVAL_1MINUTE, "1 day ago UTC")

# fetch 30 minute klines for the last month of 2017
klines = client.get_historical_klines_tv("ETH-BTC", Client.KLINE_INTERVAL_30MINUTE, "1 Dec, 2017", "1 Jan, 2018")

# fetch weekly klines since it listed
klines = client.get_historical_klines_tv("NEO-BTC", KLINE_INTERVAL_1WEEK, "1 Jan, 2017")

For more check out the documentation.


If this library helped you out feel free to donate.

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