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Deploy Xen-Orchestra easily with Docker
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Docker config to setup XO which is a web interface to visualize and administrate your XenServer (or XAPI enabled) hosts

Join the chat at

See for information on Xen Orchestra


Running the app

Updates are pushed to the Docker Hub's automated build service:

From Docker Hub

docker pull sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra
docker run -d -p 8000:80 sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra


git clone
cd docker-xen-orchestra
# Edit whatever config you want to change
docker build -t xen-orchestra .


Always use SSL in production or when transmitting sensitive information during testing. For example you could:

  1. Run Nginx in front of the container to provide SSL

  2. Edit the sample config to point to your certificates which you will add into the image (be careful with this) See for available options


  • This Docker project is not supported by Xen-Orchestra or the parent company Vates.
  • Xen-Orchestra also provides a fully-supported, turn-key appliance, see:


  • See issues

Please consider supporting Xen-Orchestra, it's a great product with a bright future.

Pull requests appreciated!

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