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A Vue.js plugin to make Font Awesome SVG icon rendering easy.
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Note: As of right now, the dynamic import isn't playing well with Nuxt and/or Webpack. This results in each entire icon pack being included in the bundle isntead of individual icons. I'm not sure right now if I should or how I can solve this-- check out the Nuxt Fontawesome module, which works well with a little extra setup.


This is a Vue plugin to make rendering Font Awesome 5 SVG Icons simple in Vue applications.

fontawesome-vue is SSR friendly and works easily as a plugin component for Nuxt applications.


npm install fontawesome-vue


Placing the component into a Vue application is as simple as importing it: import fa from 'fontawesome-vue' and adding the tag: <fa prefix="fab" icon="faTwitter"/>


Font Awesome 5 has seperated the icons into distinct icon packs, they are:

Font Awesome Solid - fas

Font Awesome Brands - fab

Font Awesome Regular - far


The icon attribute simply takes the name of the icon you want to use, as it appears in the Font Awesome libarary-- with one exception. Instead of kebab case, use camel case. For example: faTwitter instead of fa-twitter


This package was developed specifically with Nuxt in mind. Setup in a Nuxt project as a plugin is quick and straightforward.

1. Plugin File

Create a file in ~/plugins called fontawesome-vue.js and add these lines of code:

import Vue from 'vue';
import fa from 'fontawesome-vue';


2. Nuxt Config

Add the following vendor and plugins pieces to your nuxt.config.js files:

module.exports = {
  build: {
    vendor: ['fontawesome-vue']
  plugins: ['~/plugins/fontawesome-vue']

You will now be able to use the fa component throughout your application.

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