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  web app

A experimental little web app that allows people to upload psd files and get back list of the fonts used. Uses the excellent psd.rb gem from the guys at Layervault

Install app

To get this bad boy installed on locally just download the zip and run bundle install --path vendor/bundle this will setup the app.

How to build & run

The app now uses Gulp to build run jobs on assets files to install dependencies run npm install. To start a local server and compile sass etc run gulp from the terminal to build the files out and watch them for any changes.

I use Pow for all my local projects which gives you a nice dev url to go to If your not keen on the command line, I would strongly recommend Anvil for Mac free.

Questions and Pull Requests

I'm always keen to learn and if anyone finds anything that would make it better then feel free to drop an issue or a pull request.


A small app that takes the hassle out of finding all the fonts in a .psd



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