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Releases: sammdot/roadgeek-fonts

Version 3.1

20 Jul 18:24
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Fixes the line spacing issues from 3.0. Unfortunately the font sizes needed to be changed again.

Version 3.0

19 Jul 17:26
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Scale the fonts to a capital height of 1000 units, which make them much easier to work with than with 585 units. That also changed the numbers on the spacing, so make them round numbers.

Version 2.2

19 Jul 17:39
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The changelogs for this version and previous versions can be found on AARoads Forum (restricted to forum members). Source code is not available, as this version was created with different software.


  • Superscripts for 1, 2 and 3 remapped to the correct codepoints.


  • Re-added some missing characters to Series EM.


  • The fraction slash and text slash are two different characters
  • Fraction-building characters ('superscripts' and 'subscripts')
  • Pre-built fractions
  • Accented characters