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A Brunch skeleton for making games with Phaser 2 (Phaser CE)
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Brunch with Phaser 2

A Brunch skeleton for making games with Phaser 2 (CE). (For Phaser 3, please see brunch-phaser.)

You can use CoffeeScript, ES6, TypeScript, or plain JavaScript.

brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser2

Get started

  • Install (if you don't have them):
  • Run:
    • brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser2 (or see Clone, below)
    • npm run start or brunch watch --server watches the project with continuous rebuild.
    • npm run build or brunch build --production builds minified project for production.
  • Make:
    • Write your code in app.
    • Put game assets in assets.


The skeleton includes a sample game written in plain (ES5) JavaScript. If you'd like to start with a sample written in CoffeeScript, ES6, or TypeScript, create your new project by cloning this repository instead:

# Choose one
git clone --branch coffee
git clone --branch es6
git clone --branch typescript


Phaser is managed through npm. Update with:

npm update

If you want to switch libraries:

npm remove -S phaser-ce && npm install -S phaser

Add packages

npm install -S <package>

and require('<package>') in your code.

Add bower packages

bower install -S <package>

Add other libraries

Add the unminified script to vendor.


You can remove any plugins for languages you aren't using.

# List
npm list --dev --depth=0

# Add (
npm install -D plugin-name

# Remove, e.g.,
npm uninstall -D babel-brunch coffee-script-brunch typescript-brunch
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