A web demo for visualizing Semafor parses
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A web demo for visualizing Semafor parses

Uses Flask as the web server. Python requirements are in requirements.txt

To compile Coffeescripts:

coffee --watch --compile --output semviz/static/js/compiled/ semviz/static/coffeescripts/

Coffeescript tests require jasmine-node. To run:

jasmine-node --coffee semviz/static/spec

Stylesheets use Sass. To compile:

sass --watch semviz/static/css/style.scss:semviz/static/css/style.css

Make sure semviz.settings.SEMAFOR_HOME points to a valid installation of SEMAFOR (>= v3.0-alpha-03).

Make sure SEMAFOR is running in server mode:

java -Xms4g -Xmx4g -jar target/Semafor-3.0-alpha-03.jar model-dir:<directory-of-trained-model> port:4444

and semviz.settings.SEMAFOR_HOST and semviz.settings.SEMAFOR_PORT point to the running instance.

To start the (development) server: