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Meet iconistic! An icon set with 150+ free icons for yours projects.
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🚀 iconistic

Meet iconistic! An icon set with 150+ free icons for yours projects. Check a list of avaible icons clicking here

🔧 Installation

clone or download the repository download
put "dist/iconistic.min.css" in your css folder and import it in your html file
put directory "fonts/" in the same directory of your "css" folder

📦 Usage

use <i class="icon-{icon_name}> for use a icon:

<a href="happy.html"> <i class="icon-happy"></i> Happy! </a>

you can change the size of the icon using font-size or adding a class:

<a> <i class="icon-sm icon-happy"></i> Smallest </a>
<a> <i class="icon-s icon-happy"></i> Small </a>
<a> <i class="icon-m icon-happy"></i> Medium </a>
<a> <i class="icon-l icon-happy"></i> Large </a>
<a> <i class="icon-ls icon-happy"></i> Largest </a>

and can modify the icon color without modify the text:

<a> <i class="icon-red icon-happy"></i> Red </a>
<a> <i class="icon-yellow icon-happy"></i> Yellow </a>
<a> <i class="icon-green icon-happy"></i> Green </a>
<a> <i class="icon-blue icon-happy"></i> Blue </a>
<a> <i class="icon-purple icon-happy"></i> Purple </a>
<a> <i class="icon-pink icon-happy"></i> Pink </a>
<a> <i class="icon-orange icon-happy"></i> Orange </a>
<a> <i class="icon-white icon-happy"></i> White </a>
<a> <i class="icon-black icon-happy"></i> Black </a>

🛠️ Contributing

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.

📄 License


Coded with ❤️
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