An iOS app which uses ShinobiCharts and ReactiveCocoa to show a live chart of updates to Wikipedia
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Driving ShinobiCharts with ReactiveCocoa

ReactiveCocoa is a popular framework which allows you to build iOS and OSX apps using the functional reactive programming paradigm. This demo project looks at how to use RAC with a web socket client, and how to wire up a ShinobiChart to append data points as they arrive over the websocket.


Building the project

You'll either need to have ShinobiCharts installed on you mac, or you'll have to pull the framework into the ReactiveWikiMonitor project. You can download a free trial of ShinobiCharts from the website.

If you're using the trial then you need to update the following line in SCViewController.m to include the license key you've been sent by email:

self.chart.licenseKey = @"";

The ReactiveCocoa library is available as a CocoaPod, and this repo has a Podfile which will include it as appropriate. Make sure that you've got CocoaPods installed and then run the following command from the repo directory:

pod install

If you need additional help with CocoaPods, including how to get started with installing it, then check out the fantastic help at

Further info on ReactiveCocoa is available at


We'd love to see your contributions to this project - please go ahead and fork it and send us a pull request when you're done! Or if you have a new project you think we should include here, email to tell us about it.


The Apache License, Version 2.0 applies to everything in this repository, and will apply to any user contributions.

Comments & Feedback

If you have any comments or feedback then you should pester me on twitter - I'm @iwantmyrealname.