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A Lightweight, Enjoyable Library for ActionScript

What is Dawn?

Dawn is a lightweight library for ActionScript 3. It aims to help you write testable, typesafe and agile code.

Dawn began as a set of ideas, but has grown into some core features. In time it may grow to accommodate more but not until the need arises and can be justified against the DesignPrinciples.

Dependency Injection

It’s all about creating object graphs. Actually that doesn’t nearly do DI justice, but it really is very simple. Dawn’s most fundamental element is its dependency injection library: DawnInjections


Messaging systems of all varieties have become a core part of many client side frameworks, and rightly so. Dawn’s notification library aims to solve the core architectural issues such messages systems are ideal for, while adhering to the core DesignPrinciples, especially those concerning type safety and language strength: DawnNotifications


Another staple of any client side application is a sound command system. Commands play well with many requirements of client side apps (caching, batching, error handling etc.) but getting them right in ActionScript is not as simple as it sounds. Dawn gives you a type safe, DRY command library out of the box: DawnCommands