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Releases: samnabi/shopkit

Shopkit v2.7

16 Aug 16:59
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  • Update Stripe Checkout gateway to use Strong Customer Authentication (required for EU purchases starting September 2019)
  • Update Stripe PHP SDK to version 6.43.0

Shopkit v2.6

14 Jan 01:24
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  • Remove license requirement for Shopkit on a public server
  • Update Shopkit's license to allow non-commercial modification and distribution
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix error with rounding on shipping rates

Shopkit v2.5

16 Nov 05:26
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  • Update Kirby and Panel to 2.5.12 (PHP 5.6+ now required)
  • Improve shadow & overlay display in IE (for category tiles)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix errors in shipping calculations for products with custom shipping rules
    • Remember user's selection for custom shipping options in the cart
    • Fix undefined $timestamp error when a downloadable product is not the first to be added to the cart
    • Fix hidden submit button on payment form when mailing address is hidden
    • Use Kirby download() function instead of manually setting headers for downloadable products
    • Fix false positive in appliesToCountry()

Shopkit v2.4

16 Apr 04:20
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  • Update Kirby and Panel to 2.5.10
  • Update dompdf to v0.6.1-446-g501ff6d
  • New transaction summary snippet (order.details.php)
  • Decouple session ID from transaction ID
  • Improved French and German translations (thanks to Julien Bidoret, Moritz Pfeiffer, and Andreas Fehn)
  • Prevent translation of core fields
  • New features
    • Per-product shipping rules
    • Add contact info and address to the Cart page, remove separate Confirm page and simplify gateway snippets
    • Payer address is now split into multiple fields (address, city, country, etc...)
  • Bug fixes
    • Use url::paramSeparator() instead of hard-coding a colon
    • Prevent jittery loading appearance of navbar
    • Fix several instances of a non-numeric value encountered error
    • Fix permissions error that prevented token/ urls from working properly
    • Fix rounding errors in Stripe validation code

Shopkit v2.3

14 Nov 04:56
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  • Update Kirby and Panel to 2.5.7
  • Update dompdf dependency
  • Improved German translation (danke @andreasfehn)
  • Config option to override maximum image upload size
  • New features
    • Tax-inclusive pricing
    • License keys
    • Add checkbox with validation to terms and conditions notice on the Cart page
    • Allow $0 sale price
    • Skip gateways when cart total is $0
  • Bug fixes
    • Add HTTPS certificate and update IPN endpoints for PayPal
    • Set utf-8 encoding when submitting PayPal IPN call
    • Hide download links unless the transaction is paid or shipped
    • Remove ability to disable the Pay Later gateway (it was causing problems with gift card / discount code purchases)
    • Ensure the transaction file records the correct number of decimal places depending on currency in Site Options
    • Fix duplicate tax summary display issue on Orders page
    • Fix slideshow issues with products in the shop root
    • Ensure long hex codes are in compiled CSS file (short hex codes won't be picked up by Shopkit's themeing functions)

Shopkit v2.2

30 Aug 18:44
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  • Update Kirby and Panel to 2.5.5
  • (image: ) kirbytag generates responsive images
  • New features
    • Product details table: add unlimited key-value pairs to product page
    • Add direct download links to customer emails
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix non-numeric value error when calculating cart total
    • Fix reference to $site in page update hook

Shopkit v2.1

13 Jul 15:45
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  • Moved translation files to site/plugins/shopkit/languages
  • Bug fixes
    • Stop reverting to default language through the checkout process
    • Explicit type casting to prevent PHP warnings
  • Updated dependencies
    • Kirby and Panel (2.5.2)
    • Stripe SDK (v5.1.1)
    • Square SDK (2.0.2)
    • Multiselect field (2.1.1)
    • Color field (now packaged as a plugin)
  • Added local config files for development environments (debugging enabled, whoops disabled)

Shopkit v2.0.1

19 May 20:09
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  • Bug fixes
    • Prevent a the login form getting partially hidden on pages with little content
    • Take discounts into account when showing Order Totals on /shop/orders and PDF invoices
    • Add form validation messages to shop/confirm

Shopkit v2.0

14 May 00:10
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  • Payment gateways
    • New gateway: Square
    • Move gateway settings from config.php to Site options in Panel
    • Remove numeric prefixes for gateway folders
    • Make Stripe SDK a submodule
  • Panel
    • New widget: Basic visitor stats (forked from Fabian Sperrle)
    • New widget: Basic order stats for the last 30 days
    • Consolidate options into Site Options page
    • New Site Options
      • Set default country
      • Show/hide quantity in stock
      • Set symbols for decimal and thousands separators
    • Product blueprints: remove slider option (the template adds all page images to the slider)
    • Replace structure fields with Jens Törnell's Snippetfield plugin (for nicer-looking entries)
    • Replace Visual Markdown with WYSIWYG editor
    • Allow orders to be deleted from the Panel
  • New theme
    • Remove the UIKit framework
    • Use normal URLs instead of data-URIs for product photos
    • AJAX quantity selector on Cart page
    • AJAX product slideshow
    • Expand-collapse toggle for login form
    • Expand-collapse toggle for subcategories in sidebar menu
    • Tag cloud in sidebar
    • Shop by Brand in the sidebar
    • Radio buttons instead of select box for shipping options on Cart page
    • Remove base colour from theme options (only link and accent colour can be edited from the Panel)
    • Product-specific page descriptions for better SEO
    • New frontend admin buttons
    • Move slider thumbnails below image instead of overlapping
  • New cart logic
    • Store cart details in a transaction file instead of session variable
    • Rename order.create snippet to order.process
    • New transaction status: "abandoned" (for people that add things to cart, but never click Pay Now)
  • Performance enhancements
    • Limit use of index()
    • Limit re-declaration of site() and page()
    • Faster font loading
    • Reduced total page weight by 75%
  • Decrufting
    • Consolidate most logic into shopkit.php
    • Refactor giftcard and discount code detection
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix multiple orders bug (#131)
    • Fix error on version checker widget when not connected to the internet
  • Other
    • Easier to change default language in config.php

Shopkit v1.1.7

12 May 23:29
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  • Bug fixes
    • Add currency detection to Stripe Checkout
    • Support zero-decimal currencies, such as Japanese Yen
    • Fix false error message on registration