@samnabi samnabi released this Oct 25, 2015 · 661 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Inventory control
  • New payment logic to support multiple gateways (PayPal only for now, but you can easily add your own)
  • Browse products in slideshow view
  • Onboarding prompts to help new users set up shop options and create their first product
  • Multi-language setup (English and French available right now)
  • New pages visible by default (thanks to the Kirby Auto Publish plugin)
  • Visual markdown editor
  • Admin menu for logged-in users
  • New theme
    • Leaner, modular CSS
    • Minimalist design for easy customization
    • More flexible gallery layout (images of all aspect ratios look great)
    • Thumbnail previews in cart
  • Other changes
    • Use email instead of username to log in
    • Improved order flow (orders are logged even if user doesn't return from PayPal)
    • Shop is the homepage by default
    • Order statuses changed to "Pending", "Paid", or "Shipped"
    • Bugfix: Allow multiple options of a variant in the cart
    • Bugfix: Cart stuck in PayPal sandbox mode
    • Security fix: Rewritebase vulnerability

Upgrading to Shopkit 1.0

If you're upgrading from Shopkit 0.9.2 or earlier, you'll have to change some things manually:

  • The old Shop page was located at /content/3-shop. It has now been changed to /content/1-shop. After pulling the updated repo, move your categories and products from 3-shop to 1-shop, then delete the 3-shop directory.
  • Since Shopkit is now multilingual, change all your text filenames to something like .en.txt.
  • In every product's text file, change Prices: to Variants:.
  • In every order's text file, change the order status values to reflect the new values: pending, paid, or shipped.