Powershell tab completion for Docker
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Powershell tab completion for Docker


posh-docker is in maintenance mode only. There is no plan to support any new features, such as management commands.

Alternatives exist, such as DockerCompletion, which provides a more extensive tab completion experience (requires PowerShell >= 5.0 and docker cli >= 1.13)


Build status

Commands and options

All commands (start, stop, run, ...) and their options (--attach, --cpuset-mems, ...) are autocompleted.

Command and option completion

Container and image names

Container and image names can be autocompleted. Type a command requiring a container or image name, press <TAB> and the name will be completed.

Container name completion



Verify that docker can be run from PowerShell. If the command is not found, you will need to add a docker alias or add the docker installation folder (e.g. %ProgramFiles%\Docker Toolbox) to your PATH environment variable.

Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

  1. Open a powershell prompt
  2. Run Install-Module -Scope CurrentUser posh-docker

Earlier Windows versions

  1. Install PackageManagement PowerShell Modules Preview
  2. Open a powershell prompt
  3. Run Install-Module -Scope CurrentUser posh-docker


After installation, execute the following line to enable autocompletion for the current powershell session:

Import-Module posh-docker

To make it persistent, add the above line to your profile. For example, run notepad $PROFILE and insert the line above.


To update to the latest version of posh-docker, run the following command: Update-Module posh-docker


  • Stuart Leeks: conversion to powershell module & general feedback.