An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library.
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An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library.

This version provides more convenient (but far less flexible) input and output functions that go to and from [string] values. This avoids the need to write signal code, which is useful for quick scripts that manipulate JSON.

More advanced users should go straight to the Jsonm[1] library and use it directly, rather than be saddled with the Ezjsonm interface.


For instance, you can explore the HTTP status code specified in the JSON format here. After downloading that file, you can open an OCaml toplevel and write:

# #require "ezjsonm";;
# let json = Ezjsonm.from_channel (open_in "4.json");;
# Ezjsonm.(get_string (find json ["codes"; "418"; "summary"]))
- : string = "I'm a teapot"