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(** Copyright (c) 2008,2009 Anil Madhavapeddy <>
** See the COPYING file included in this distribution for licensing details *)
open Printf
type mode =
let _ =
let files = ref [] in
let output_file = ref "output.html" in
let mode = ref Text in
let file_to_parse = ref "" in
let starting_nonterminal = ref "" in
let parse = [
"-sig", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Sig), "Output the mli file";
"-dot", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Dot), "Output in DOT format";
"-tsort", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Tsort), "Output topological sort of parse nodes";
"-edges", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Edges), "Output edges of parse graph for tsort(1)";
"-text", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Text), "Output ABNF in text format";
"-html", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := HTML), "Output ABNF in HTML format";
"-sexpr", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Sexpr), "Output ABNF in S-expression format";
"-terminals", Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := Terminals), "Output all terminals used";
"-rdparse", Arg.Tuple([Arg.Unit (fun () -> mode := RDParse); Arg.Set_string file_to_parse; Arg.Set_string starting_nonterminal]), "Recursive-descent parse a given file with a given starting nonterminal";
"-o", Arg.Set_string output_file, "Output file";
] in
let usagestr = "Usage: abnf <options> input-file" in
Arg.parse parse (fun x -> files := x :: !files) usagestr;
if List.length !files < 1 then (Arg.usage parse usagestr; exit 1);
List.iter (fun file ->
eprintf "Processing file: %s\n" file;
let fin = open_in file in
let lexbuf = Lexing.from_channel fin in
Abnf_location.start_parse file;
let rules = try
Abnf_parser.main Abnf_lexer.token lexbuf
Abnf_location.Parse_failure (e,msg) -> begin
eprintf "Syntax error%s near token '%s' \'%s\'\n"
(Abnf_location.string_of_location e) (Lexing.lexeme lexbuf) msg;
exit 1;
let all_rules = Abnf_rules.generate_rules rules in
Abnf_rules.check all_rules;
begin match !mode with
|Sig -> Abnf_signature.dump all_rules;
|Dot ->
Abnf_ops.Graph.dump_nodes all_rules;
|Tsort ->
List.iter print_endline (Abnf_ops.Graph.topological_sort all_rules);
|Terminals ->
List.iter print_endline (Abnf_ops.Text.all_terminals all_rules);
|Edges ->
Abnf_ops.Graph.dump_edges all_rules;
|Text ->
List.iter (fun rule ->
print_endline (Abnf_ops.Text.string_of_rule_definition rule)
) rules;
|Sexpr ->
List.iter (fun rule ->
print_endline (Abnf_ops.Text.sexpr_of_rule_definition rule)
) rules;
|HTML ->
let tsorted_nodes = Abnf_ops.Graph.topological_sort all_rules in
printf "<html><head><link href=\"rules.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\"></head><body>\n";
printf "<table><tr><th class=\"rule_name\" width=\"20%%\">Rule Name</th><th class=\"rule_def\">Definition</th></tr>\n";
List.iter (fun rule_name ->
let rule_def = Hashtbl.find all_rules rule_name in
printf "<tr><td class=\"rule_name\">\n";
printf "<a name=\"rule-%s\" />%s" rule_name rule_name;
printf "</td><td class=\"rule_def\">%s</td></tr>\n" (Abnf_ops.HTML.html_of_rule rule_def);
) tsorted_nodes;
printf "</body></html>"
|RDParse ->
Abnf_ops.Text.prettyprint_derivation 0 (Abnf_recursive_descent.parse_file_with_grammar
all_rules !
eprintf "Done parsing file: %s\n" file;
) !files;
exit 0
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