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OCaml Binary Annots

The goal of this branch is to replace textual .annot files by binary files, containing more information. In the long term, these binary files should contain all the information useful for ocamlspot, ocamlwizard, and other editor enhancer tools.

Current status

  • The parse tree has been improved with more location information
  • The typed tree has been improved with more location information, and is now a surjection of the parse tree
  • A new module Pprintast has been copied from BER-metaocaml, to print the parse tree to equivalent sources
  • The typed tree has been modified (replacement of Lazy values) to allow direct output in a file
  • A new module Untypeast has been created to convert a typed tree to an equivalent parse tree
  • Using the -annot generates .cmt and .cmti files, which contains a dump of the typed tree
  • A tool tools/genannot has been added, to convert .cmt files to .annot files

  • TODO: the typed tree to parse tree converter needs to replace Path.t with Longidents of the shortest possible size, to avoir conflicts

  • TODO: in case of a type error, we might want to still dump a complete typed tree with partial type information
  • TODO: in case of type error, there is no way to distinguish an erroneous .cmti file where just one signature was correctly typed from a correct .cmti.

Current format of .cmt/.cmti files

Currently, the format of .cmt/.cmti files is a binary dump (output_value) of a value of type 'Typedtree.saved_type array'. The array contains just one value if no error happened.

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