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High priority (before next release)
* Improve the Perl regular expressions parser
* Character classes (in the three regular expression parsers)
* Reduce memory usage
- More compact representation of character sequences
- Special notation for "anything but this set of characters"
(more generally, optimize the compilation of regular expressions)
* Simple optimisations
- alt containing alt
- epsilon elimination
- Seq (Seq (x,y), z) => Seq (x, Seq (y, z)) under some circumptances
(x or y has a fixed length)
* Test suite
Medium priority
* Implement back-references
* Implement look-ahead and look-behind assertions
Low priority
* Optimize the main loop for processor that are not register starved
* Rewrite the main loops in C
(but keep the option to compile a pure OCaml version)
* Limit the size of the cached DFAs by removing states that have not
been used recently
* Documentation
Other ideas
* It would be great to have a more generic interface (parameterized
over some abstract tokens).
* Str compatibility module
(should we implement string_partial_match?)
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