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OASISFormat: 0.2
Name: regexp
Version: 1.1dev
Synopsis: Pure OCaml regular expression library
Authors: Jerome Vouillon
License: LGPL-2.0 with OCaml linking exception
Plugins: META (0.3)
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
Library re
Path: lib
InternalModules: Cset, Automata
Modules: Re
Findlibname: re
Library re_emacs
Path: lib
XMETADescription: Emacs-compatible regexps
Modules: Re_emacs
Findlibname: emacs
FindlibParent: re
BuildDepends: re
Library re_str
Path: lib
XMETADescription: Str-compatible regexps
Modules: Re_str
Findlibname: str
FindlibParent: re
BuildDepends: re,re.emacs
Library re_posix
Path: lib
Modules: Re_posix
XMETADescription: POSIX-compatible regexps
Findlibname: posix
FindlibParent: re
BuildDepends: re
Library re_glob
Path: lib
Modules: Re_glob
XMETADescription: Shell glob regexps
Findlibname: glob
FindlibParent: re
BuildDepends: re
Library re_perl
Path: lib
Modules: Re_perl, Pcre
XMETADescription: Perl-compatible regexps
Findlibname: perl
FindlibParent: re
BuildDepends: re
Flag tests
Description: Build and run tests
Default: true
Executable re_match
Path: lib_test
Build$: flag(tests)
Custom: true
CompiledObject: best
Install: false
BuildDepends: re
Test re_match
Run$: flag(tests)
Command: $re_match
WorkingDirectory: lib_test
Document "re-api"
Title: API reference for Re
Type: ocamlbuild (0.3)
Install: true
InstallDir: $htmldir/api
BuildTools: ocamldoc
XOCamlbuildPath: ./lib
XOCamlbuildLibraries: re, re.emacs, re.glob, re.posix, re.perl, re.str