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open Ocamlbuild_plugin
open Command
open Ocamlbuild_pack.Ocaml_compiler
open Ocamlbuild_pack.Ocaml_utils
open Ocamlbuild_pack.Tools
let ocamljs = ref (A"ocamljs")
let ocamljs_c tags arg out =
let tags = tags++"ocaml"++"js" in
Cmd (S [!ocamljs; A"-c"; T(tags++"compile");
ocaml_ppflags tags; (* flags_of_pathname arg; *)
ocaml_include_flags arg; A"-o"; Px out; P arg])
let ocamljs_link flag tags deps out =
Cmd (S [!ocamljs; flag; T tags;
atomize_paths deps; (* flags_of_pathname out; *) A"-o"; Px out])
let ocamljs_link_lib = ocamljs_link (A"-a")
let ocamljs_link_prog = ocamljs_link N
let js_lib_linker tags =
if Tags.mem "ocamlmklib" tags then
ocamlmklib tags (* XXX ocamlmkjslib? *)
ocamljs_link_lib tags
let js_lib_linker_tags tags = tags++"ocaml"++"link"++"js"++"library"
let ocamljs_p tags deps out =
Cmd (S [!ocamljs; A"-pack"; T tags;
atomize_paths deps; (* flags_of_pathname out; *) A"-o"; Px out])
let js_compile_ocaml_implem ?tag ml cmjs env build =
let ml = env ml and cmjs = env cmjs in
prepare_compile build ml;
ocamljs_c (tags_of_pathname ml++"implem"+++tag) ml cmjs
let js_link_gen = link_gen "cmjs" "cmjsa" "cmjsa" ["cmjs"; "cmi"]
let js_link = js_link_gen ocamljs_link_prog
(fun tags -> tags++"ocaml"++"link"++"js"++"program")
let js_library_link = js_link_gen js_lib_linker js_lib_linker_tags
let js_library_link_modules =
link_modules [("cmjs",[]); ("cmi",[])] "cmjs" "cmjsa" "cmjsa" js_lib_linker js_lib_linker_tags
(* from Ocaml_compiler *)
let link_from_file link modules_file cmX env build =
let modules_file = env modules_file in
let contents_list = string_list_of_file modules_file in
link contents_list cmX env build
let js_library_link_mllib = link_from_file js_library_link_modules
let js_pack_modules =
pack_modules [("cmjs",["cmi"]); ("cmi",[])] "cmjs" "cmjsa" "cmjsa" ocamljs_p
(fun tags -> tags++"ocaml"++"pack"++"js")
let js_pack_mlpack = link_from_file js_pack_modules
(* copied from the ocamlc versions in Ocaml_commpiler. *)
rule "ocaml: mlpack & cmjs* & cmi -> cmjs"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
~deps:["%.mli"; "%.cmi"; "%.mlpack"]
(js_pack_mlpack "%.mlpack" "%.cmjs");;
this rule is a little hack; the right one is commented out below,
but since apparently tags are not checked when picking a rule (??),
the commented rule conflicts with the ocamlc one when trying to
build a .cmi
rule "ocaml: mlpack & cmjs* -> cmjs"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
(js_pack_mlpack "%.mlpack" "%.cmjs");;
rule "ocaml: mlpack & cmjs* -> cmjs & cmi"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
~prods:["%.cmjs"; "%.cmi"]
(js_pack_mlpack "%.mlpack" "%.cmjs");;
rule "ocaml: ml & cmi -> cmjs"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
~deps:["%.mli"(* This one is inserted to force this rule to be skiped when
a .ml is provided without a .mli *); ""; ""; "%.cmi"]
(js_compile_ocaml_implem "" "%.cmjs");;
see above
rule "ocaml: ml -> cmjs"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
~deps:[""; ""]
(js_compile_ocaml_implem "" "%.cmjs");
rule "ocaml: ml -> cmjs & cmi"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"]
~prods:["%.cmjs"; "%.cmi"]
~deps:[""; ""]
(js_compile_ocaml_implem "" "%.cmjs");
rule "ocaml: cmjs* -> js"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"; "program"]
(js_link "%.cmjs" "%.js");
rule "ocaml: mllib & cmjs* -> cmja"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"; "library"]
(js_library_link_mllib "%.mllib" "%.cmjsa");;
rule "ocaml: cmo* -> cmjsa"
~tags:["ocaml"; "js"; "library"]
(js_library_link "%.cmjs" "%.cmjsa");;
flag ["ocaml"; "js"; "link"] begin
S ( (fun x -> A (x^".cmjsa")) !Options.ocaml_libs)
(* ocamlfind integration following *)
(* these functions are not really officially exported *)
let run_and_read = Ocamlbuild_pack.My_unix.run_and_read
let blank_sep_strings = Ocamlbuild_pack.Lexers.blank_sep_strings
(* this lists all supported packages *)
let find_packages () =
blank_sep_strings &
Lexing.from_string &
run_and_read "ocamlfind list | cut -d' ' -f1"
(* this is supposed to list available syntaxes, but I don't know how to do it. *)
let find_syntaxes () = ["camlp4o"; "camlp4r"]
(* ocamlfind command *)
let ocamlfind x =
let ocamlfindjs =
if Pathname.exists "../../bin/ocamlfindjs" then "../../../bin/ocamlfindjs"
else if Pathname.exists "../../../bin/ocamlfindjs" then "../../../../bin/ocamlfindjs"
else "ocamlfindjs" in
let ocamljs =
if Pathname.exists "../../src/jscomp/_build/jsmain.byte" then Some "../../../src/jscomp/_build/jsmain.byte"
else if Pathname.exists "../../../src/jscomp/_build/jsmain.byte" then Some "../../../../src/jscomp/_build/jsmain.byte"
else None in
match ocamljs with
| Some ocamljs -> S[Sh ("OCAMLFIND_COMMANDS=ocamljs=" ^ ocamljs); A ocamlfindjs; x]
| None -> S[A ocamlfindjs; x]
dispatch begin function
| Before_options ->
(* override default commands by ocamlfind ones *)
Options.ocamlc := ocamlfind & A"ocamlc";
Options.ocamlopt := ocamlfind & A"ocamlopt";
Options.ocamldep := ocamlfind & A"ocamldep";
Options.ocamldoc := ocamlfind & A"ocamldoc";
ocamljs := ocamlfind & A"ocamljs";
| After_rules ->
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "dtypes"] & A"-dtypes";
(* When one link an OCaml library/binary/package, one should use -linkpkg *)
flag ["ocaml"; "byte"; "link"] & A"-linkpkg";
flag ["ocaml"; "native"; "link"] & A"-linkpkg";
flag ["ocaml"; "js"; "link"] & A"-linkpkg";
(* For each ocamlfind package one inject the -package option when
* compiling, computing dependencies, generating documentation and
* linking. *)
List.iter begin fun pkg ->
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
flag ["ocaml"; "doc"; "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
flag ["ocaml"; "link"; "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
end (find_packages ());
(* Like -package but for extensions syntax. Morover -syntax is useless
* when linking. *)
List.iter begin fun syntax ->
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
flag ["ocaml"; "doc"; "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
end (find_syntaxes ());
flag ["ocaml"; "js"; "link"; "library"; "support_js"] & S[A"-cclib"; A"support.js"];
flag ["ocaml"; "js"; "link"; "library"; "primitives_js"] & S[A"-cclib"; A"primitives.js"];
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "DEBUG"] & S[A"-ppopt"; A"-DDEBUG"];
flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "DEBUG"] & S[A"-ppopt"; A"-DDEBUG"];
(* XXX should put these in jslib only *)
flag ["ocaml"; "compile"; "lambda_meta_generator"] & S[A"-ppopt"; A"lambda_meta_generator.cmo"];
flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "lambda_meta_generator"] & S[A"-ppopt"; A"lambda_meta_generator.cmo"];
dep ["lambda_meta_generator"] ["lambda_meta_generator.cmo"];
| _ -> ()
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