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JBoss EAP Camel RESTful Web-service

This is a Apache Camel RESTful web-service exposes a simple flow for the JBoss EAP Camel subsystem.

This project is setup to allow you to create a simple Apache Camel flow (Spring DSL is in use), which can be deployed to an application server running the JBoss EAP Camel subsystem. An example Spring XML Camel Route has been created for you.

The flow is the following:

[UserId request] --> [PhoneBook RESTFul service] --> [MonthlyReceipt SOAP service] --> [Convert SOAP to JSON] --> [User Data Response]

The flow also demonstrates the exception handling mechanism.


  • Minimum of Java 1.7
  • Maven 3.2 or greater
  • JBoss EAP 6.4

Getting started at the Command Line

  1. Istall JBoss Fuse on your application server

  2. Configure a $JBOSS_HOME environment variable to point at your application server installation directory

  3. Start the application server from the command line

For Linux:

$JBOSS_HOME/bin/standalone.sh -c standalone.xml

For Windows:

%JBOSS_HOME%\bin\standalone.bat -c standalone.xml

Building the application

To build the application do:

# mvn clean install

Run Arquillian Tests

By default, tests are configured to be skipped as Arquillian requires the use of a container.

If you already have a running application server, you can run integration tests with:

# mvn clean test -Parq-remote

Otherwise you can get Arquillian to start and stop the server for you (Note: you must have $JBOSS_HOME configured beforehand):

# mvn clean test -Parq-managed

Regardless, the endpoint locations contained in the test\resources\test-endpoints.properties file may be changed to address your installation of the application server.

Deploying the application

To deploy the application to a running application server do:

# mvn clean package wildfly:deploy

The server console should display lines like the following:

(MSC service thread 1-16) Apache Camel (CamelContext: my-flow-spring-context) is starting
(MSC service thread 1-16) Camel context starting: my-flow-spring-context
(MSC service thread 1-16) Bound camel naming object: java:jboss/camel/context/my-flow-spring-context
(MSC service thread 1-16) Route: _route1 started and consuming from: Endpoint[direct://start]
(MSC service thread 1-16) Total 1 routes, of which 1 is started

Access the application

The application will be available at the following resource:

The last segment of the URL is a value of the UserId parameter. The deployed implementation of the PhoneBook service contains an in-memory repository, which caches two available user ids from different regions (these users are needed for the Camel Dynamic Routing capability demonstration).

Undeploying the application

# mvn wildfly:undeploy

Further reading

Apache Camel documentation


JAX-RS Tutorial


Pavel Samolysov's Blog (Russian)