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Aiko Events Module

#include <AikoEvents.h>

Examples: Blink, Blink2



The Events::addHandler method allows your application to specify a function to be invoked at a defined interval. It should be called with the function name followed by the required interval in milliseconds. For example, to invoke a function called "blink" every 1000ms:

Events.addHandler (blink, 1000);

The specified function can be either a built-in function provided by the Arduino libraries or a function defined elsewhere in your code.

If multiple event handlers are defined they will be executed in the order they are defined within the constraints of the specified interval. For example:

Events.addHandler (readTemperature, 1000);
Events.addHandler (readHumidity, 5000);
Events.addHandler (logData, 1000);

will execute the readTemperature() and logData() functions in that order every second, but every 5th second the readHumidity() function will be called after readTemperature() but before logData(). This ensures the execution order of functions is always predictable.


Adds a handler that will be called once after a specified delay (in milliseconds). For example, to invoke myFunction in 1 second, call:

Events.addOneShotHandler(myFunction, 1000):


To cause event handlers specified using addHandler to be executed the sketch needs to make a call to Events.loop() within the main program loop.

In an application which is executed entirely by Aiko event handlers the main program loop can be as simple as:

void loop() {
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