A script to conveniently correct file timestamp metadata
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touchstamp - a script to conveniently correct file timestamp metadata after, e.g. trimming files with QuickTime Player.

System requirements

touchstamp has been tested on OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8, but might work (caveat emptor!) on any system that has Ruby 1.8+, FFmpeg, and the POSIX "touch" utility present.


Download the source files, e.g. by clicking the "ZIP" button at the touchstamp project page on GitHub, unzip them if necessary, and copy them to a suitable folder on your computer.


Using the command line, navigate to the folder containing the files whose timestamps you want to correct, and run the script by entering something akin to:

ruby touchstamp.rb

Expected use case

  1. The user shoots some video in AVCHD format.
  2. The user then uses ClipWrap or similar to create .mov files of the AVCHD videos.
  3. The user next uses QuickTime Player to trim cruft from those .mov files, afterwards saving them with the same file names.
  4. Finally, the user runs touchstamp in the directory containing the trimmed .mov files, in order to set the files' creation timestamps back to the times the videos were shot, while leaving the files' modified and last accessed timestamps set to when the files were trimmed.

Copyright and licensing

All source code in touchstamp (and any binary derivatives made therefrom) is:

  • (c) Sam Pablo Kuper unless stated otherwise, and
  • available under the terms of the Gnu Affero General Public License Version 3 (see license.txt) unless stated otherwise.