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Cordova plugin to return the version number of the current app [not maintained]


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Cordova AppVersion plugin [not maintained]

Reads the version of your app from the target build settings.

We're looking for maintainers!


With cordova-cli

If you are using cordova-cli, install with:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-app-version

With plugman

With a plain plugman, you should be able to install with something like:

plugman --platform <ios|android> --project <directory> --plugin

Manually in iOS

TODO: Write these instructions

Manually in Android

TODO: Write these instructions

Use from Javascript

If you are using jQuery, AngularJS, WinJS or any Promise/A library (Bluebird), promise style is supported. Use something like:

cordova.getAppVersion.getVersionNumber().then(function (version) {

If not, pass a callback function:

cordova.getAppVersion.getVersionNumber(function (version) {

In addition to the version number you can also retrieve other details about your application:


Returns the name of the app. E.g. "My Awesome App"


Returns the package name of the app - the reversed domain name app identifier like com.example.myawesomeapp


Returns the build identifier of the app


Returns the version number of the app


Written by Robert (Jamie) Munro at White October

Various others have contributed fixes and new features. See the for details.

Original code based on the following Stack Overflow posts: