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Find the merkle tree root of a file in Go
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Get the Merkle root of a file.


One round of SHA256 hashing is used and every node always has two children.

If, when forming a row in the tree (other than the root of the tree), it would have an odd number of elements, the final double-hash is duplicated to ensure that the row has an even number of hashes. So every node always has a left and right child unless it is a leaf in which case it has no children.

Run the CLI

Get merkle root of the included file "alice.txt":

go run merkletree.go

Get merkle root of a specified file:

go run merkletree.go -file alice_trunc.txt

Print the hash of a node found at a particular route (0 means left, 1 means right):

go run merkletree.go -route 00000101


go run merkletree.go -h

Run the tests

go test -v
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