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This is a simple command line warehouse management tool. The user can record the storage and removal of crates of variable size on a rack of shelves.

It accepts the following 7 commands:

  • help - Shows the help message
  • init W H - (Re)Initialises the application with a W x H rack of shelves, with all spaces empty.
  • store X Y W H P - Stores a crate of product code P and of size W x H at position X,Y.
  • locate P - Show a list of positions where product code P can be found.
  • remove X Y - Remove the crate at positon X,Y.
  • view - Show a representation of the current state of the shelves, marking each position as filled or empty. Position 0,0 should be the lower left position and 0,H should be the top left
  • exit - Exits the application.

Arguments W, H, X and Y will always be integers, and P will always be a single character. You should not worry about validating the format of the input.

The user should also be shown an error message when:

  • Trying to store a crate at a position which doesn't exist.
  • Trying to store a crate which doesn't fit.
  • Trying to remove a crate which doesn't exist.

Implementation Notes

The warehouse is represented here as a global variable for simplicity. In a real-world application it would probably be better implemented using some other sort of shared state like a database server.


bundle exec ruby runner.rb


bundle exec rspec