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#Compression metrics

My friend Luke is trying to invent his own compression algorithm, so I thought I'd make this repo to help him out, it's got a python script in it to assess compression metrics.

##Hey Luke, read this!

To add a new compression method you need to do a few things, I've done some of the legwork for you already though. In the main block there's a function call to compare_compression_methods(bzip,gzip,luke) this is the list of compression methods to be tested.

A compression method is a function that takes a filename, and returns a number of bytes and the md5 of the decompressed file (this lets you test that you've compressed/decompressed correctly).

I've already rolled one that's called luke, you'll need to change it. Look:

def luke(filename):
    #luke put your code here
    return len(open(filename).read()), '0'

if you put your code there you'll get some leet output, at that point you just need to run the file and amazing things will happen