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this is a simple gem for doing hex and binary conversion in ruby because the built in stuff seems to suck.

Example usage here:

>> require "rbhex"
=> true
>> RbHex::byte_array_from_hex_string("10")
=> [16]
>> RbHex::byte_array_to_hex_string([100])
=> "64"
>> RbHex::string_from_hex_string("64")
=> "d"
>> RbHex::string_to_hex_string("c")
=> "63"

Installation instructions

build the gem, and install it

gem build rbhex.gemspec
gem install rbhex-0.0.0.gem

Super hardcore developer instructions

  1. get rspec: gem install rspec
  2. run rspec: rspec
  3. marvel as the tests all pass

If you want to contribute just send me a github pull request. I'm not going to place any arbitrary restrictions on what you do in your pull request because that sucks, but if you write some rspec tests to demonstrate that your code works I'm much more likely to accept your patch quickly.