Python Texture Packer (for use with cocos2d)
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Texture Packer for cocos2d, written in Python.


Not much yet, so far:

  • Sprite packing with a choice of two extremely basic algorithms
  • Generates plist for cocos2d
  • Algorithms can choose to rotate sprite (one algorithm does this already)


[sudo] python install


The sprite is definied in a config file. To get started, create an empty config file:

sprite-packer -n test.cfg

Now, edit this appropiately, save it and run

sprite-packer test.cfg

Your sprite and plist will now be generated.


  • Python 2 (2.5 or newer)
  • PIL

Xcode integration

  • In Xcode 4, click your project target and select the 'Build Phases'.
  • Click 'Add Build Phase'.
  • Move this up above 'Compile Sources' and below 'Target Dependencies'.
  • You can let the shell be '/bin/sh'.
  • Finally, enter the code here below.


exec sprite-packer path/to/config.cfg

I had some problems with this though, because it seems that Xcode loads its PATH from a different place. You could either fix this somehow or be lazy like me and just use absolutes to find the right stuff (I also had to add 'exec /path/to/python' to get it to run my macports python).

The config path is relative to your projects top-most folder (the one that houses the .xcodeproj folder). To double check where this is, add this to the shell script:

echo $PWD