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This is summoner, a fast way to snippet and template


  • smnr init will interactively set you up!
  • smnr remote <giturl> will change your summoner git url

#Create a template

  • smnr create <templatename> will open your editor and create a template with that templatename for you.
  • smnr create <templatename> <filename> will create a template from the specified file name

#Modify existing templates

  • smnr update <templatename> will open your editor and replace the template when you're done.

#Delete existing templates

  • smnr delete <templatename> deletes a given template

#List templates

  • smnr list lists all templates

whenever you create or update templates you'll need to give a commit message. (summoner is powered by git)

#Use a template

  • smnr <templatename> will copy the template into your clipboard
  • smnr <templatename> <filename> will push a template into the specified file


  • smnr push pushes your templates
  • smnr pull pulls your templates
  • smnr pull <giturl> pulls templates form someone elses repo