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Firebase backend functions

This folder contains a few backend functions.

Documentation for Firebase Functions

Setting environment variables

Before running backend functions, you have to give Firebase your secret API keys. Unlike the front-end app, which uses .env files, you set environment vars in Cloud Functions in the Firefly CLI.

Official docs:

  1. First make sure you're using the right Firebase project with firebase use dev, for example. You should also set up keys for stage and live.

  2. Then run this in your terminal, replacing "paste here" with the actual keys from the algolia and stripe website: firebase functions:config:set algolia.appId="PASTE_HERE" algolia.adminKey="PASTE_HERE" stripe.secretKey="PASTE_HERE" stripe.planId="PASTE_HERE" (add as many keys as necessary).

  3. When you're done, run npm run dev (or stage, or live) to push the keys to the server.