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Source code for the Processing Core and Development Environment (PDE)
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Sam Pottinger Processing Branch

This is a fork of the Processing project that conatins the preview of a possible Processing 4 beta. It includes the following that may not have yet been merged into the original Processing repo's master.


Pre-built binaries are available for download! These are not sponsored or endorsed by the Processing Foundation and are only provided as a convenience for testing this branch. These are temporary and will go away as the review process continues. It is not meant to be a release. See You can also clone this repo ($ git clone and follow the build instructions below.


For building on your local machine, please see

Development / Issues

Please beta test! Until further dicussion at Support for Java 11, OpenJDK, and OpenJFX, please report issues on this fork via comments on PRs. If you are offering code related tothe changes pending review (Java 11, OpenJDK, OpenJFX, ANTLR 4, or CI), feel free to open PRs here. Otherwise, please contribute back to the main repo.


CI / CD is automated via Travis.

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