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Add functions needed for ScriptCollection Support in Tomahawk #240

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Add support for querying a bit more information from the beets web api to support the view of the whole collection in Tomahawk.

  • albums_for_artist does not expand the items as this is not needed by Tomahawk and expanding the items would increase the response time significantly
@xhochy xhochy referenced this pull request in tomahawk-player/tomahawk-resolvers

[beets] Add ScriptCollection support #42

@sampsyo sampsyo merged commit 828bee0 into sampsyo:master

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Awesome; thanks for looking into this!

I changed the API by one small detail: instead of a dedicated /album/artist/... API endpoint, one can now just use the standard query. Also, I'm defaulting to your new "non-expanded" behavior for the albums endpoint; this makes a lot of sense to me. I'm opening a corresponding PR in the tomahawk-resolvers repo.

@xhochy xhochy deleted the xhochy:feature/tomahawk-scriptcollections branch
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  1. +16 −2 beetsplug/web/
18 beetsplug/web/
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
# Utilities.
-def _rep(obj):
+def _rep(obj, expand=True):
"""Get a flat -- i.e., JSON-ish -- representation of a beets Item or
Album object.
@@ -44,7 +44,8 @@ def _rep(obj):
elif isinstance(obj, beets.library.Album):
out = dict(obj._record)
del out['artpath']
- out['items'] = [_rep(item) for item in obj.items()]
+ if expand:
+ out['items'] = [_rep(item) for item in obj.items()]
return out
@@ -97,6 +98,12 @@ def all_albums():
all_ids = [row[0] for row in rows]
return flask.jsonify(album_ids=all_ids)
+def albums_for_artist(artist):
+ albums = g.lib.albums(artist=artist)
+ # Expanding album items would cost a lot of runtime which is not needed here
+ return flask.jsonify(results=[_rep(album, False) for album in albums])
def album_query(query):
parts = query.split('/')
@@ -108,6 +115,13 @@ def album_art(album_id):
album = g.lib.get_album(album_id)
return flask.send_file(album.artpath)
+# Artists.
+def all_artists():
+ with g.lib.transaction() as tx:
+ rows = tx.query("SELECT DISTINCT albumartist FROM albums")
+ all_artists = [row[0] for row in rows]
+ return flask.jsonify(artist_names=all_artists)
# UI.
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