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"""Python bindings for the Loglet service."""
import logging
import urllib
import threading
__all__ = ['LogletHandler']
__version__ = '1.0'
ASYNC_FUNCTIONS = {'sync': apply}
def log(logid, message, level=0):
"""Post a message to the specified log on Loglet."""
url = BASE_URL + logid
params = {
'message': message,
'level': level,
urllib.urlopen(url, urllib.urlencode(params))
# Various techniques for running the request asynchronously.
def threading_apply(func, args=(), kwargs={}):
"""Apply a function in another thread."""
t = threading.Thread(target=func, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
ASYNC_FUNCTIONS['threading'] = threading_apply
import multiprocessing
except ImportError:
def multiprocessing_apply(func, args=(), kwargs={}):
"""Apply a function in another process."""
p = multiprocessing.Process(target=func, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
ASYNC_FUNCTIONS['multiprocessing'] = multiprocessing_apply
import gevent.pool
except ImportError:
gevent_pool = gevent.pool.Pool(size=15)
def gevent_apply(func, args=(), kwargs={}):
"""Apply a function in another green thread."""
gevent_pool.spawn(func, *args, **kwargs)
ASYNC_FUNCTIONS['gevent'] = gevent_apply
# Handler for the Python logging standard library module.
class LogletHandler(logging.Handler):
"""A logging handler that sends messages to a Loglet log. Pass the
Loglet ID as the first parameter to the constructor.
def __init__(self, logid=None, level=logging.NOTSET, mode='sync'):
"""Create a new Loglet handler. An ID string for the log can be
provided. If not provided, an empty loglet will be created.
The mode parameter specifies whether log requests should be
performed asynchronously. Possible values are "sync" (blocking
request), "threading", "multiprocessing", or "gevent".
logging.Handler.__init__(self, level)
# If no log ID is specified, create a new log using a POST
# request to the Web service and get its ID.
if not logid:
u = urllib.urlopen(BASE_URL + 'new', data='')
url = u.geturl()
logid = url[url.rfind('/') + 1:]
self.logid = logid
self.apply = ASYNC_FUNCTIONS[mode]
except KeyError:
async_types = tuple(ASYNC_FUNCTIONS.iterkeys())
raise ValueError('no such mode ' + repr(mode) + '; ' +
'choose one of ' + repr(async_types))
def emit(self, record):
args = self.logid, record.getMessage(), record.levelno
self.apply(log, args)
def url(self):
"""The url of loglet."""
return BASE_URL + self.logid