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WAX 2016 Discussion Topics

Please add your topic suggestions here by editing this page. You can add a new bullet to the bottom of the list. Please be sure to sign your name after your suggestion.

  • Will it be better to incrementally add approximation to the kinds of systems we have today (CPUs, GPUs, main memory, etc.) or to design approximate systems from scratch (e.g., all-approximate accelerators)? ---Adrian Sampson

  • How do we perform systematic quality control on approximate systems? In particular, how can we integrate crowdsourcing in an effective and programmable way for quality control? ---Yuhao Zhu

  • What tools do we require to make approximate computing a practical reality? Without tools (i.e., a systematic set of methodologies, evaluation frameworks, metrics etc.), the industry might have a hard time adopting approximate computing ---Vijay Janapa Reddi

  • What's the true scope of approximate computing? There is a lot of excitement about approximate computing, almost as if it is a magic bullet for all our problems with conventional computing systems. Has the field matured to the point that it is now time to place approximate computing into domains where it is truly a godsend? ---Vijay Janapa Reddi

  • Can we have an "Approximate Computing for Dummies" session? ---Vijay Janapa Reddi

  • How urgent are Approximate Computing solutions? Can we wait 10 years for them or are they needed sooner? What will be the impact be if we don't make a deep investment into the foundations and implementation of approximate systems as soon as we can? ---Ben Zorn