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Notes Site

This is a site for my university notes, written in MDX

You can find the markdown for all the lectures in the notes directory, and all the images in the public directory. When adding styles you can use Tailwind CSS.


You can add diagrams using mermaidjs and graphviz. I also can easily add any of the diagram types from kroki, so raise an issue if you want to use one of them.

To use them, simply create a codeblock with the language of mermaid and graphviz respectively and write the diagram and it will be imported


For all the admonitions, such as <Definition>, have a space before and after the text, such as

<Definition title="Test">

**Content** in here


This allows the markdown to be processed

Performance issues in Firefox with uBlock Origin

By default uBlock Origin disables link prefetching, which is one of the methods that the website uses to increase performance. If you notice the site being slow when you are using Firefox with uBlock Origin, you can change this in the uBlock Origin settings on the settings tab under privacy uncheck disable link prefetching.