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The gitlab-mirrors project is designed to fill in a feature which is currently missing from GitLab: the ability to mirror remote repositories. gitlab-mirrors creates read only copies of remote repositories in gitlab. It provides a CLI management interface for managing the mirrored repositories (e.g. add, delete, update) so that an admin may regularly update all mirrors using crontab. It operates by interacting with the GitLab API using python-gitlab.


  • Mirror different types of source repositories: Bazaar, Git, Mercurial, Subversion. Mirror all into git.
  • GitLab mirror adding.
    • When adding a mirror if the project doesn't exist in GitLab it will be auto-created.
    • Set project creation defaults (e.g. issues enabled, wiki enabled, etc.)
    • Delete mirrors both local and remote.
  • non-GitLab mirror adding.
    • Manually specify the remote and don't attempt API communication to GitLab nor attempt to create the remote project.
    • Delete mirrors locally only without communicating to GitLab to delete the remote project.
    • This feature is for mirroring git repositories generically which can be used by any git hosting server or service. This feature was originally added with mirroring GitLab wikis in mind but allows gitlab-mirrors to be more versatile.
    • no-remote mirroring where you don't need a remote git repository at all. Just mirror the repositories to local disk.
  • Update a single mirror.
  • Update all known mirrors.
  • List all known mirrors.

Three easy steps

  1. Set up prerequisites
  2. Install gitlab-mirrors
  3. Manage your mirrors

Note: if you are upgrading then see docs/upgrade for notes on upgrading.

Other helpful implementations

Get help

There are a couple ways you can try to get help. You can file an issue. You can also join the #gitlab IRC channel at and direct your questions to user sag47.

IRC Etiquette

  • I generally stay logged in to freenode so be sure to mention my handle when you're asking questions so that I see it in the #gitlab channel.
  • If I don't answer right away then just hang out in the channel. I will eventually write back to you as it just means I'm away from my keyboard, working on something else, or in a different timezone than you.
  • You should treat IRC as what it is: asynchronous chat. Sure the messages can be instant but in most channels people are in different time zones. At times chat replies can be in excess of 24hrs.


Created by Sam Gleske under MIT License.